Cothill 2015

An extensive view of life at Cothill House, day and night.

Photographed from Oct-Dec 2015. A selection of images was printed as a book.


Here is a selection of the best photographs from both Cothill and Sauveterre.

In the classroom - I

A first glimpse of life in the classroom: energised, engaged, entertained!

An Autumn Evening

In the glorious warm light of the late afternoon and early evening, the boys play football, relax with friends, hunt for conkers and have some well-earned free time.

In the Classroom - III

Exams are over, and the boys are hearing how they got on. The staff are seizing every moment to work on reports; and the choir is preparing for the carol service.

Rugby training

Spread widely across Cothill's spacious fields, the boys begin training for the new rugby season.


Central to the Cothill experience is lots of time outdoors - whether for games, competitive matches or just a quick kick-around.

The Grown-Ups

Everything revolves around the boys, but here are a few glimpses of the dedicated, hard-working team who make it all happen: the teaching, administrative, pastoral and support staff.


Moments are seized for some downtime - perhaps some basketball, football, pingpong or squash ... or just hanging out in the classroom block with some friends. Or maybe some hide-and-seek, or just a good book.


There's no doubt that the Cothill boys work hard. Here are a few images of them hard at work in the classroom - and the whole school together in Assembly.


As dawn breaks, Cothill's practice rooms are already bustling. The morning routine gets under way: private lessons, a band or two, music classes, theory lessons ... and even a rather good staff choir.


The light fades but the boys still have energy to burn off after prep. Toast is served. The bungalow boys assemble; the senior boys tidy and lock up - checklists ensure all runs like clockwork.

Chaos before bedtime

Arriving in the dorms, the boys get ready to turn in. Teeth, perhaps nit checks, maybe a quick game with friends ... Then, for just a few minutes, there is a mad, chaotic jumble of pillow fights, dorm raids, and den-building.


At 20.30, the most magical moment. Retreating to bed, the boys reflect, read, relax. Perhaps a good book or a magazine; a letter from home; or even some Latin vocab or a poem to memorise. Silence. It's been a long day.

In the Classroom - II

Another set of glimpses into the classrooms. Every teacher has a different way of gripping the boys' attention; every classroom has a different style. The boys love it.

Welcome back

After each break or exeat, the boys return filled with exciting tales. They quickly reconnect with friends, and within minutes they are settled back. It's a misty Autumn morning, ideal for a quick kick-around in Cothill's beautiful playing fields, before the bell rings for classes.


Dawn breaks and the gappies get to work, chasing each dorm out of bed. There might just be time to grab a few minutes reading or maybe even a pillow fight ... then it's on with the tie and down to breakfast. The Cothill day has begun,

Guy Fawkes Night

A huge bonfire is accompanied by lots of singing (not forgetting the traditional "Burn the Teachers!"). Then it's sparklers, and finally fireworks. Another special Cothill evening for the boys.


To prepare for senior school, the Leavers have their own house at Chandlings. There is a race from the bus to the pool or the sports hall; or it's a game or two with friends. Supper is cereal and maybe a birthday cake ... then quiet reading before bed.

Match Day

Wednesday and Saturday afternoons are lively occasions, with plenty of competition but also lots of time with friends - and perhaps a moment to catch up with visiting parents too.


On Sunday morning the choir gets ready for service at St Helen's Church. The boys walk over quietly and take their seats. It's Remembrance Sunday and in a touching ceremony the boys and the villagers meet by the Memorial. The Last Post is played and there is thoughtful silence. Then it's back to school to write letters and start free time.

Teaching Styles

The Cothill staff are a delight to watch. They are justly proud not only of how closely they engage with pupils, but also of their individuality. An extraordinary variety of styles, which the boys really enjoy.

Orchestra & Chamber Music

A lunchtime rehearsal for a forthcoming concert - hardworking young boys playing grown-up music.


Cothill has all sorts of interesting characters. Here is a little collection of moments observed during the Cothill day.


Cothill is having one of it's "theme weeks" where every corner of the curriculum takes on new and interesting dimensions. This week it's "Revolution" and the French Department are staging a story about the events of the 1790s.

Clubs and free time

Bands, tennis, woodwork, archery, campcraft, or just proudly awaiting the sausage rolls from cookery club ... here are some glimpses of relaxed time at Cothill.

Ball games

One doesn't venture far at Cothill without footballs flying past. Here is a miscellany of photographs at matches, the tennis court, and general messing about.

Orchestra and Rock

A highlight of the autumn term is the orchestral and rock concert. Stephen was in the audience to see his son this time, but here are just a few photographs from the concert anyway.

Free time

The boys get the (late) afternoon off. Out come toy swords, go-carts. scooters, and lots of smiles.