Sauveterre 2016

The boys of Cothill, with pupils from other Cothill Educational Trust schools and further afield, spend a term at their Château near Toulouse in the south of France.

En Classe - I

Classes are taught in French, providing a fabulous opportunity for pupils to immerse themselves in the sound and meaning of the language.


In a remote and peaceful corner of the Château's lovely grounds there is an art studio - where new creations are made - and discussed in French.

La Course

"La Course" is a long-standing Sauveterre tradition. Every Thursday the whole school runs a circuit of the Château - including a gruelling final uphill stretch, cheered on by their friends. Everyone strives to beat their personal times from last week.

La Détente - I

There is plenty of time for relaxation - inside for table football, outside for table tennis - or to catch up on news from home in the computer room.

La Musique

It is hard to escape the sounds of drums, piano and guitars, which have taken over one of the most beautiful rooms in the Château. Lessons are offered in a wide variety of instruments - and singing.

Les Chambres

The upper floors of the Château are comfortable dorms, kept tidy thanks to the gappies' scrupulous attention to detail!


The children often jump into the Château's fleet of discrete white minivans and drive to a nearby town. Today they are in Samatan, with a checklist of questions to ask the locals in French. Clipboards at the ready, the serious treasure hunt begins!

A Table

At lunch, all conversation is in French. The children say the food here is wonderful!

Le Sport

Sauveterre has a rich variety of sporting and physical fitness activities ranging from football and tennis to "Food Chain", a lively and exhausting chasing game.

Welcome home

At last the boys and girls are home. The deep friendships they have formed at Sauveterre are evident in the emotional farewells at the airport.

La Vie au Château

Some glimpses into life at this beautiful house in the countryside. Portraits of 19th century cavalry officers peer down on the lively chidlren

En Classe - II

A second set of images showing the pupils' daily life in the classroom.