Cothill 2017

Revisiting Cothill in 2017, Stephen captured a new set of images showing life at this wonderful place. Please keep checking back for more photographs - the project is still ongoing.

00 Cothill at its best

The photographer's favourite images have been moved into this first gallery, showing the broad variety of life at Cothill.

01 In the classroom - I

Cothill pupils are engaged, energetic (most of the time!), and have a richly varied life in the classroom.

02 In the science lab

Newly refurbished for 2017, here are Cothill's science laboratories in action.

03 Free time - I

The boys find many ways to relax - from reading to running. A delicious lunch is served by Cothill's catering staff.

04 Games

It's rugby season and the older boys are building their skills and strength while the youngest are learning how to tackle.

05 Arts and Crafts

A few glimpses of Cothill's hardworking music, arts, design and carpentry departments.

06 Matches

Some glimpses of the matches held at Cothill and away.

07 Junior Play

"The Amazing Adventures of Superstan" is this year's junior play. The staff have built a fabulous set and the boys are getting ready for an exciting evening.

08 In the classroom - II

The best part of Cothill, but parents never see it. More glimpses into the classrooms at Cothill.

09 Free time - II

Break time. There are tennis lessons; or perhaps it's a good moment for some golf, or a quick game of table tennis with the headmaster. At Chandlings it's time for evening cornflakes!

10 Senior Play

Images from the dress rehearsal of "Oh What a Lovely War!"

11 Cricket

The Super Sixes tournament involved every child in the school for a lovely afternoon of cricket in Cothill's beautiful grounds

12 Choir Tour

The Cothill choir, augmented by men from Oxford's finest chapel choirs, tours a fine performance of Fauré's Requiem to Abingdon and Dorset. (See also the "Lucky Dip" section.)

13 Sports Day

The term ends with prize giving and sports day in lovely sunshine! See also the LUCKY DIP section.

Lucky dip

Other images that weren't strong enough to make the cut for the main galleries. For parents looking for a particular child.