Cothill 2016 Supplement

Some special events - including the two highlights of the year, the Carol Service and the Sports Day. Photographed in 2015-16. None of these images were published in the book.

Sports Day

The school year ends with boys and their families assembling for a relaxed, fun day. The tug-of-war is vigorously competed but the Old Boys' race is traditionally the most ferocious event! Finally: prizes, and the Leavers make a sad farewell to their wonderful school and their close friends.


The combined choirs of the Cothill Trust schools - gathered from around the country to perform in majestic Winchester Cathedral.

Choir Tour - Dorset

The Cothill House choir goes on tour in June 2016 to Dorset, including the stunning Christchurch Priory.


Cothill's most beautiful, memorable moments: the annual carol service in Radley College Chapel. The boys sing beautifully, joined by men from the famous choir of New College, Oxford