From the Headmaster

Dear Parents and Friends of the school,

I am delighted to introduce you to a very special project - newly updated in 2017.

Stephen Page, an Oxford-based professional photographer (and Cothill parent), has worked with us to document life here at Cothill House and at Château de Sauveterre, where Cothill boys spend a term immersed in French language and culture.

On this website

We are very proud of our school. It is special - dare we say unique - in how we educate, nurture, and grow our boys. Our commitment to the full-boarding model allows the boys to experience a rich, exciting, varied, and often exhausting variety of activities from breakfast to bedtime.

We want to show you Cothill in all its marvellous variety, mud and all - including those parts of the school which parents are not able to visit.

Stephen worked with us to observe, with his skilled photographer's eye, the rhythm of the day. He does not look for forced smiles or poses; he photographs our Staff and boys as they really are. You will see boys concentrating (and sometimes not!); you will see our teaching Staff in full flow; and you may see some glimpses of our talented team who keep everything working behind the scenes. We have even included a little of the carefully-controlled chaos as the boys unwind in the dorms!

We hope you will find this a fascinating insight into how this friendly and rewarding place works, and what your sons get up to during the day.

Books and prints

Some of you might wonder whether you can have your own copies of these images, as a way for you and your son to remember the atmosphere and essence of Cothill.

During our 2015 and 2016 projects, we produced two privately-printed hardback books as a keepsake for your sons. (Currently we have no plans to produce a book for the smaller update Stephen is doing in 2017.) Although the print run is now sold out, Stephen can arrange for additional copies to be printed for you on request.

Stephen is also able to produce high-quality professional prints. Many of you will have seen his prints displayed in Jackson's (in large 20x16 inch size) and they look very striking. In his photography work, Stephen is known for his attention to the quality of his finished products, and he will be doing the same for these prints. They are all hand-made, not from a lab.

See here for further details.

Please note that Stephen does not provide image files online or on disk; his professional reputation is built on producing a high-quality finished product and he rightly wishes to ensure that his work is displayed well and his copyright is preserved.


If you have any questions about the project, do please get in touch with us at Cothill. Questions about prints, and feedback on his images, can be sent directly to Stephen using a contact form on the website.

We hope you will enjoy seeing this exceptional school from some new angles.

Duncan Bailey
Headmaster, Cothill House