The Cothill Day

The Cothill day is simply extraordinary. Every moment is packed tightly with learning, play, exercise, and refuelling... The pace is relentless, but the boys just love it here.

This page is a quick (and simplified) guide to how this long, exhausting cycle unfolds from dawn to bedtime - for context before you look through the various albums of photographs on this website.


As the sun rises over the misty playing fields, the catering staff are hard at work preparing breakfast for the big rush. Meanwhile the pastoral team gently wakes the boys, focusing first on those who have music practice.

The others sleepily arise and perhaps there is even time for some early-morning mischief.


The practice rooms are full. Sounds of piano, woodwind, brass, strings and guitars can be heard.

Breakfast is efficient and social - and filling. There is no time to waste before the day's fun begins!

Soon the boys are outside for the first of many short breaks. Footballs, basketballs, remote-controlled cars, Nerf guns appear and there is much excitement to be starting a new day.

For some boys this is a moment to catch up on the morning newspaper.


Classroom work begins. The grounds are deserted except for countless balls abandoned until the next break. The teachers start to get the boys focused and actively participating.

A complicated timetable takes the boys around numerous different classes, to and from a morning break, and somehow very few get lost. Specialist teachers are conducting 1:1 sessions; and music lessons are in full flow too.


Lunchtime at last! This is a hearty meal of favourites - and a salad bar.

Perhaps there is a moment for a quick call home (eagerly awaited by parents!).


Back to work again ...there is activity everywhere, from science labs to languages.


Games and clubs begin. A dizzying array of activities, from campcraft to archery to tennis to woodwork. On Wednesdays and Saturdays it's time for competitive matches.


A complicated, overlapping, but very carefully designed schedule moves the Junior and Senior boys at different paces through classes, refuelling, relaxation, and prep. Night begins to fall but the school never loses energy for a moment. Prep is conducted in rigorously-enforced silence.


Some of the academic staff go home after a very long day. Others pick up their clipboards and begin to manage the logistics of the evening: boys have duties to tidy and lock up the school before the pastoral team takes over again. Some boys grab a final few minutes play before retiring for their showers.


Matron and her team orchestrate a mix of relaxation, playtime, teeth-cleaning and even nail clipping. There is activity everywhere as boys use up the last of their energy for the day.


Suddenly all is quiet as the boys retreat in solitude for some calm, quiet reading.


Lights out at last. It all starts again in a few hours...

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