For your family

In this digital age, photography is everywhere - we are awash with snapshots, selfies, and illustrations of moments in our lives. But is this enough, to preserve memories for the next generation - and do we ever find the time (or the skill) to sift through, select and polish our favourite photographs?

Stephen Page, fatkoala images, specialises in capturing memories of children and families. His practised professional eye can bring out the emotions, expressions, and relationships which are missing from our streams of images and social media. He takes the time and care to develop bespoke, beautiful finished products - albums, frames, wall art and more.

Stephen works with your family on location - at your home, in a familiar park, even at your holiday destination. Each project is unique and customised to your needs.

You can view Stephen's portfolio of work with families, children, stage, and events on or get in touch using the contact form.

Cothill parents are offered a special price for bespoke photography projects. Please ask Stephen for further details.